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What do you offer in the Svaneti tour?

We will bring you to Svaneti, where you will see

Svanetia is known for its architectural treasures and picturesque landscapes. The botany of Svanetia is legendary among travelers. The famous Svanetian tower houses, erected mainly in the 9th-12th centuries, make the region’s villages more attractive.

What is the purpose of towers in Svaneti?

Common defense structure in Svaneti, usually 20-25 meters high. It consisted of 4-5 or rarely 6 floors. The Svan towers of the Ushguli community are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In addition, in 2011, at the international competition of stone architecture (International Award Architecture in Stone), he was awarded the "Folk Architecture" prize.


The landscape of Svaneti is dominated by mountains separated by deep valleys. Most of the region, which lies below 1,800 meters (5,904 ft) above sea level, is covered with mixed and coniferous forests. Areas above 3000 meters above sea level are covered by eternal snow and glaciers. The region is characterized by glaciers and picturesque peaks.

The signature peak of Svaneti

The signature peak of Svaneti is probably Mount Ushba, which rises above the Enguri valley and is visible from many parts of the region.

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